Common Operating Picture

A Common Operating Picture is a single identical display of relevant operational information shared by more than one command. A COP facilitates collaborative planning and assists incident responders to achieve situational awareness.

Incident responders have the ability using networked mobile devices to show what they are seeing from an incident anywhere; terrain matched photos, video clips, incident specific locations (helispots, water sources, spot fires, dozer line, fire perimeters, etc.) and text messages all on a geospatial platform.

Incident information from responders are simultaneously viewed and updated at the Incident Command Post, helibase, and local unit offices. This near real-time information is then used to brief the public and cooperators. 

GETA Group focuses on a ground-up approach to developing a Common Operating Picture. In other words, we want users to decide how the tool works best for them
. Then develop it to fit their needs. 

National Fire COP

GETA Group coordinated with partners in the Northern Rockies, Pacific North-West, South-West, Southern Areas and the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) to develop the infrastructure and dynamic data for a Google Earth based common operating picture.

The National Fire COP has built in flexibility for land management units to build or incorporate data specifically pertaining to their area.

Region specific COPs contained within the National Fire COP are the:
Northern Rockies COP
Pacific Northwest COP
Southwest COP
Southern COP
Texas Forest Service COP
To use the National Fire COP users will need to
  1. Download Google Earth
  2. Download the National Fire COP Netlink
To learn more about this project go to the National COP page.